V-AIR - WATER Unisex Breathable Sock



The V-AIR breathable collection is a new range of lightweight and breathable sportswear developed by Verjari®


Ideal for running, trails or cycling, the V-AIR collection ensures great comfort during exertion thanks to optimal management of moisture and perspiration.




This V-AIR sock has a two-part original design.


The lower part (at the level of the foot) is composed of Coolmax (high humidity absorption capacity) as well as a light "honeycomb" texture for optimal evacuation of perspiration during exertion. It is also equipped with an anti-slip band construction that also grips the foot for maximum comfort during exertion.


The upper part (above the ankle) is composed of Lycra, a very comfortable material that provides increased comfort. Lycra also allows excellent management of perspiration and moisture.  This Lycra design also helps stop the socks from falling down. This WATER model displays a gradient of blues. 




This Verjari® V-AIR sport sock has:

  • Antiperspirant lower part (Coolmax)
  • With holding bands
  • Limited fall of sock
  • Comfortable upper (Lycra)
  • Sweat resistant upper part (Lycra)
  • With a sporty gradient colour design




Lower part: 46% Coolmax, 32% Nylon, 14% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Upper part: 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra.




  • 18$ Standard5-9 working days on average




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